Alpine Alabama

Geese semaphored their goodbye across the sky heading south this morning. Denial is no longer an option the changeling child that is the herald of fall has found me.   I gaze out at the waif that is no longer summer but not fall’s cool child of even temperament and brilliant color either.  No… Slow moving and dulled by the heat, this messenger listlessly scatters yellow, tattered leaves that limp slowly toward the ground.  She stands bare legged among tired stalks of summer’s bounty; the seed heads the only reminder of their glory days.  I yearn to turn my head and like a mantra repeat…I have not seen and do not know what her appearance means.  Once our eyes lock that is no longer possible…she beckons me outside…the only legitimate place to speak of nature.
We settled on a bench under a tree.  In this afternoon I learn a lesson from Change…my breath hitches to even hear her name.  I have run from her for years and have no wish to come face to face on this hot and dusty day.  In a thin and papery voice she whispers that soon summer will be just a smile within my heart.  “Too soon, I whine… I did not see it coming …I need time to prepare.”  Taking pity on me, Change says, “let me explain what I think you have misinterpreted and perhaps we can yet be friends.”  
“Mother Nature has been leaving signs and signals for days.  Look about you and see.  She has changed her color palette…yes, gone are the vibrant greens and blues…but look at the soft and gentle, yellows, browns and golds.  Always the good mother she blankets the world this time of year in yellow as a reminder that the sunny days you love will come again.”  “What of all my lovely flowers they’re shriveled and gone,” I whine?  Change, shaking her head looks sadly at me…”you are so afraid of me that you tell yourself stories of all I will wrench from you.  Instead, I have knowledge to give to you this day.  In mourning what is lost you overlook what is gained.  See those seeds they are busily creating their heritage… and also your next garden!  You understand that can’t be done while they are in full flower.  Each seed carries at its center memories of seasons gone before and plans for ones to come.  How can you not see the beauty and magic held in those tiny cases?  I could give you many more examples that you could admire of this season of preparation but my time is short and you must discover certain things yourself.  The gift from me is for you to know…within each loss you ever fear, your resistance blinds you to the preparations for your future already being planned.   No need to clutch so tightly to what is passing…it’s an impossible task, anyway…but remember what will come next carries within its heart a part of that which came before. So find your continuing connection to all around and go forward…oh, and yes smile.”

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