While admiring the lacy look of the trees in this morning’s scene,  I am contemplating an artist exercise…to see not the shape itself but the spaces in-between.  Suddenly, Nature takes this opportunity to reintroduce me to the void. It is no more welcome a meeting today then when I first made its acquaintance as a young child.  The surprising thing is how I dodged this acknowledgement for so many years.  Sitting quietly, memories tumble over each other, elbowing to be first in line.  They parade before me all of the inventions I have created…all  to  keep from acknowledging a fear that has walked apace with me my whole life. Perhaps the primal fear…at least for me…to find myself alone, with no defenses, support, tools with which to change what is or distractions to help me ignore this state.  What I fear in that void I could give many names…death, senility, sickness, loneliness or any other specter that looms large, always waiting just ’round the corner.  Now, I finally see whatever happens just IS and is dealt with…the void is not to blame.   It is the hulking presence of the fear of it that causes all of the twisted, cramped, distorted reactions that go on for years… until the fear is seen and accepted as just a creation of my own thoughts.  Seen as my own creation, I can now decide how much power I wish to give my fear.  Nature reminds me as I turn to go that life’s picture is never complete without the trees AND the void in-between…and bids me to choose wisely.


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